Residential Window Cleaning


We clean all types of residential properties from three-story town houses to flats and bungalows.

We offer three service types

Clean & Maintenance

This is our premium service.

You the customer pay by Standing Order a monthly payment after your initial clean payment and we ensure that your house or office thereafter is maintained over a one year period.

With this service note your maintenance cleans are carried out approximately every 5 weeks. (9 maintenance cleans per year). This means that your windows and frames should be kept clean throughout the year, and you will never be more than 5 weeks away from a clean. Not only is this service discounted but also as a bonus, you will be entitled to a full inside clean once a year on either the 9th or 10th clean.

Monthly payments are NOT for any one particular clean but for the service.

Example of Payment Schedule;

Small House (a standard £12 clean)
Initial Thorough Clean:  £24.00
Monthly Cost: £10.00 x 11
Free Inside Clean £0.00

Monthly (Standard) or Bi- Monthly (Non-Standard) Clean

This is our standard & non-standard service and likely the way most are used to paying for their window cleaning service.  This can be paid either by BACS, or by Cash if you are at home when your windows are cleaned. Cheques are accepted by post if you do not have access to online banking and you are not at home when we call.

Your quote amount will be based upon the regularity of your cleans, and the cleanliness of your windows at any onetime will depend on the regularity of your cleans.

Some customers actually expect dirty windows before they are cleaned, however allowing the windows to get dirty means not only will you have to have dirty windows at times during the year, but also the cost of cleaning will increase. This is highlighted by the examples below and the cost of one-off cleans.

Example of Schedules & Payments

Standard Example;
Small House (a standard £12 clean)
Initial Thorough Clean:  £24.00
Monthly Cost: £12.00 x 11
Annual Inside Clean £12.00

Non-Standard Example;
Small House (a standard £12 clean)
Initial Thorough Clean:  £28.00
Bi-Monthly Cost: £14.00 x 5
Annual Inside Clean £14.00

One Off Cleans

We are happy to quote for a one-off clean, however we wish to give our regular customers our very best service and they will always take priority over and above any one-off cleans.

By default one-off cleans will likely be more expensive, especially when we are not able to encompass them into our existing schedule, as they may necessitate additional travel, a thorough clean and an administration fee.

That said, we would like to hear from you if you require this service, as we will always advise on costs on a bespoke basis.